Adalu Tropical

Adalu, Tropical Gold & Flaira Ferro invite you to the launch event of their NGO Adalu Tropical in Brazil, founded in February 2023. The aim of the NGO is to build art and education spaces for people in social need in Bahia and Pernambuco.

Afro-Brazilian singer Luedji Luna has the kind of voice that one would call gorgeous; one that grabs hold and reminds you of times when you feel most naked

AmarElo is the title of one of the most outstanding albums of contemporary Brazilian and world music. Artist, writer, thinker and one of the main speakers of contemporary art

Alceu Valença is a legendary singer/songwriter and the creator of a distinctive musical style that traces his northeastern roots (São Bento do Una in the state of Pernambuco)

Adalu, Tropical Gold & Flaira Ferro invite you to the launch event of their NGO Adalu Tropical, founded in February 2023, in Brazil. The goal of the NGO is to promote art and education

One of the biggest names in samba and one of the big stars of Brazilian music, Martinho da Vila, will be performing in Zurich!

The Brazilian Music Festival in Zurich - With its dialogue between popular movements and new local experimental music, the Solar Festival paints a current picture

Vanessa da Mata is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who has been successful since the 90s. She has collaborated with renowned artists and released several albums.

Nação Zumbi hails from the banks of the Capibaribe River in Recife and celebrates the year 2024 with three decades of musical resistance. As the centerpiece of the Manguebeat, the northern

A journey through the sound, look and culture of the Brazilian carnival - where people revel in colorful, harmonious chaos at the world's biggest street parties.